School launch

February 27 2020

- About our Mission -

In 2015 we started to teach the Kakuma refugees via Skype. Now it's time to move to the next level: we will build our 2 own Maggie schools in February so we can teach 5,000 girls to code, have Skype interactions with students globally, train teachers and allow students to learn on demand via video lessons.

We will launch our new schools on Thursday Feb 27 with guest speakers from NASA and WWF.
Make sure to join us!

- How can you be part of our Launch? -

9:30 AM Kenyan time
7:30AM CET | 1:30AM ET | 10:30PM PT
Skype interactions students part 1 (focus Climate Change)
We will select 5 schools - Sign up
1:00 PM Kenyan time
11AM CET | 5am ET
Skype interactions students part 2 (focus Climate Change)
We will select 5 schools - Sign up
2:00 PM Kenyan time
12AM CET | 6am ET
Webinar by Matt Larsen-Daw, WWF UK
Focus: Climate Action - including Q&A
Everybody free to join! - Sign up
4:00 PM Kenyan time
2PM CET | 8am ET
Webinar by Richard Davis, NASA
Focus: Climate Action - including Q&A
Everybody free to join! - Sign up

About Matt Larsen-Daw [WWF UK]

Matt is Education Manager for WWF-UK and a member of the Education Leadership Group for the WWF Global Network. He led the educational programme for Our Planet series on Netflix, and the launch of the Youth For Our Planet movement. His background is as a campaigner, trainer, and consultant in participatory community development, with a special focus on participatory photography for social change. Matt is also Chair of socio-educational charity HVP Nepal-UK.

About Richard McGuire Davis [NASA]

Rick currently works at NASA Headquarters as the Assistant Director for Science and Exploration in the Science Mission Directorate. In this capacity, does extensive integration work between SMD and the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate on deep space policy, including Mars exploration policy. Co-leads a joint SMD-HEOMD study to begin the process of identifying potential human landing sites on Mars
Was selected as a Space Station Capsule Communicator or CAPCOM in 2003 and was the Lead CAPCOM for the Expedition 13 mission and Space Shuttle Mission, STS 119.
Received numerous awards including the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for work as an ISS CAPCOM.

Maggie 1 - Synchronous Learning
Skype Lessons and Teacher Training

Houses 168 students and will allow classrooms across 6 continents to interact with the refugee students. Teachers across the world will be able to teach Math, Science and English via video conferencing.

Students across the world will be able to have an informal chat with the refugees about culture, hobbies, habits and religion.

Maggie school 1 Kakuma
Maggie school 2 Kakuma

Maggie 2 - Asynchronous learning
Video lessons

Houses 120 students: 50 with computer and 70 without computer. This school will allow students to learn from video lessons, covering the complete Kenyan curriculum and created by some of the best teachers across the world. This school will also allow us to train professional coders pointing out to start their own business.

- Impressions -