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the Kakuma Project

324 Educators across 70 countries offering Free Education to Refugees via Skype

325 Global Teachers offering Free Education

The kakuma project is a group of more than 325 teachers from 75 countries over 6 continents willing to offer free education via Skype.

This project was set up in April 2015. We sent some laptops to the Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya) and started to teach via Skype. Imagine up to 200 students taking a look at one single laptop screen. We offer knowledge (Maths, Science, English, Religion) to the refugees

What's better than learning about global issues directly from people living in those countries?

Although people are charmed by the fact we offer free knowledge, we'd like to stress that we do much more than simply offering free education via Skype. This project allows students from across the world to connect with refugees which gives them a the right perspective of refugees' lives. Students from 6 continents are able to have a chat about culture, hobbies, habits and religion. This intercultural exchange allows teachers to bring empathy into their classrooms.

During the past years we were able to get our own infrastructure in the camp: we now have 20 laptops, our own solar suitcases and internet infrastructure in 3 schools. We are employing one refugee consultant - Franco - who guides and trains the Kakuma teachers.

Take a look how we are teaching the refugees via Skype.

Want to teach the Kakuma refugees via Skype? Take a look at this page.

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325 teachers across 75 countries offering free Skype lessons

Every child
an education


2018 sept We now have 3 Skype lessons a week. And so far they all have been successful! We had our first Skype lesson with the Angelina Jolie school and had teachers from South Africa, Argentina, Canada, India, New Zealand, Brazil, etc

September 2018

2018 Sept At this moment we have a Brazilian professor, Ana, in the camp who trains the Kakuma teacher. 40% of all teachers never received any training to become a teacher...

Solar panel

2018 Aug From now on our refugee consultant Franco from Sudan will be guiding all Skype sessions. Franco will take care of ICT issues and make sure all Kakuma teachers involved will be guided and trained properly. We are paying his wage.

Solar panel

2018 Jan The American teacher Brian Copes and his students created our own solar suitcase. We are now able to bring sustainable power supply to the Kakuma schools.

Solar panel

2018 Jan Koen taught the refugees from Cush Primary School about the body systems and organs. From now on we will have Skype lessons with 3 Kakuma schools on weekly base.

Kakuma refugee students

2017 Nov Classes will resume soon. The Kakuma schools are on vacation. From January we will have a refugee consultant who'll take care of teacher training and ICT issues

2017 May We Care Solar went to the camp to install a solar suitcase in Cush Primary School. The solar power allows the teachers to charge the laptops. Some facts about the The average class size is 250 students (crammed into an average size classroom). They had no electricity. They've had about 30 boy students sleeping at the school every night because the school is far from home and they need to study. He said they each pitched in 20 cents to charge one lantern each week so the 30 students could share that light for studying after dark. They were thrilled to be getting light the very next day thanks to the solar suitcase we bought.

2017 Apr We received 10 laptops donated by Partena and OVSG. They will be sent to Kakuma by the end of April. They can be used in 10 different classrooms or schools and will allow to educate thousands of refugee students.

2017 Mar Nine will climb Mont Ventoux (France) and will be sponsored to the benefit of the Kakuma project. Check KlimmenVoorKakuma.com [NL]

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About Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma is a town in the north-western region of Kenya. The town has hosted the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992. This camp currently serves over 179,000 people who have fled wars and violence in neighboring countries. People of all ages live in Kakuma - from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea and Uganda. The largest group are Somalian - at 44.5% of the community - followed by the South Sudanese at 33.7%.

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Although 55% of the refugees in Kakuma are children, over half of the school-age children do not attend school. Factors impacting school attendance include child labor, cultural barriers, lack of resources, family needs, and marrying young. Why? Refugees flee their homes due to war, conflict, and persecution. Many are separated from their families and friends and have no options to support themselves other than to rely on aid. Children regularly make the journey to Kakuma camp alone.

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