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Project Kakuma

Giving refugees a bright future.

Child at Kakuma Refugee camp

Every child
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As teachers we know that the proper resources can transform our classrooms. While we all have varied resources and tools at our disposal, we have the basics - pen, paper, textbooks, and computers. Some of us are in environments where every child has a laptop; some have fewer devices, but every student still has his own textbook. For us, we teach 20 to 40 students at a time and have adequate (if not ample) supplies for every student.

Not every teacher, however, is as fortunate. Could you imagine teaching 150 to 200 students at a time? How about 200 students with 20 textbooks and no computers? Unimaginable? Maybe for us, but not for the teachers in the . Every teacher teaches 150 to 200 students and has one textbook for every ten students. A 1:200 ratio for teaching, and 1:10 ratio for resources is not the best learning environment, but Kakuma refugee teachers do their best every day to provide their students with a rich learning environment.

To honor their dedication to their students, we want to support these amazing teachers by helping them obtain the resources every student needs. Our plan is to raise money to purchase textbooks and other supplies for Kakuma refugee students so every child has what she needs. Will you help us? Please donate or play our game


This project is now a Skype lesson at MS edu

Visit education.microsoft.com/kakuma

Yes! We bought our first devices (laptop + projector + sound system) which will form our mobile school. These devices will be used by 5 Kakuma schools to facilitate our Skype calls.

Meet our ambassadors: Kelli (USA) - Francisco (Latin America) - Paula (Europe) - Morgan (New Zealand) - Meenakshi (Asia) - David (Africa)
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About Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kakuma is a town in the north-western region of Kenya. The town has hosted the Kakuma Refugee Camp since 1992. This camp currently serves over 179,000 people who have fled wars and violence in neighboring countries. People of all ages live in Kakuma - from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea and Uganda. The largest group are Somalian - at 44.5% of the community - followed by the South Sudanese at 33.7%.

A small gift can make a large difference.

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Although 55% of the refugees in Kakuma are children, over half of the school-age children do not attend school. Factors impacting school attendance include child labor, cultural barriers, lack of resources, family needs, and marrying young. Why? Refugees flee their homes due to war, conflict, and persecution. Many are separated from their families and friends and have no options to support themselves other than to rely on aid. Children regularly make the journey to Kakuma camp alone.

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