Mission Kakuma

Free quality education to Refugees via Skype

- About our Mission -

The Kakuma project unites teachers across 75 countries offering a free quality education to African refugees

Kakuma refugee camp houses 196,000 refugees who fled from war and hunger in Sudan, DR Congo, Somalia, etc. The camp has 24 schools and 645 teachers of whom 67% were not trained at all. More about Kakuma

Our project involves our own 2 innovative Maggie schools and 4 educational programs:

  • Skype interactions with students globally
  • Teacher training
  • Coding classes for 5,000 girls by 2025
  • Learning on demand via Video lessons

Our project was endorsed by Charlize Theron, Jane Goodall and HRM Princess Esmeralda. It was covered by BBC, National Geographic and other media across 10 countries.

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- Update -

Feb 27 Skype interactions with 10 countries
Feb 26 Teaching students
Feb 25 School officially opened
Jan 27 Start building our 2 new schools
Jan 20 First 25 video lessons ready
Jan 19 We made the WEF report!
Dec 25 1,500 Postcards for Kakuma.

- Discover our School -

Innovation Lab School 1

Synchronous Learning
Skype Lessons & Teacher Training

Houses 150 students and will allow classrooms across 6 continents to interact with the refugee students. Teachers across the world will be able to teach Math, Science and English via video conferencing.

We train teachers in partnership with University of Nairobi.

Maggie school 1 Kakuma
Maggie school 2 Kakuma

Innovation Lab School 2

Asynchronous learning
Video lessons & Coding

Houses 150 students: our 100 laptops, television, webcam, speakers and fast internet connection allows teachers and young adults to access information on websites. As a backup our Rachel device makes content offline available.

This learning hub allows young adults to learn to code so they can develop websites, apps and games.


Our Goals for 2025:

+5,000 people coding

+500 certified teachers

+200,000 global project participants

-List of costs-

One-time costs   One-time costs   Monthly costs  
Desks + chairs $4,000 USD Computer desks $1,600 USD Internet bundles $150 USD
100 laptop $17,500 USD Chairs $2,500 USD 2 Refugee consultants $220 USD
2 televisions $800 USD Solar Panels $25,000 USD    
Chalkboard $100 USD RACHEL device + Kolibri $705 USD    

- Jane Goodall announces the Innovation Lab Schools -

- Supported by -

Charlize Theron


" I am a strong believer in the creativity of young people and have witnessed what tremendous power is possible when youthful creativity and passion is harnessed to better the world around us.

Helen Clark

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

" I applaud the work of the Kakuma Project to offer free education online.
This so important in the quest to achieve education for all.

Dr. Don Thomas

NASA Astronaut

" We are all Earthlings here and we share this beautiful planet and should all have access to good education.

Princess Esmeralda of Belgium


" Education is a fundamental human right. It is an essential tool to build a just, equal and peaceful society in which nobody is left behind.

- Impressions -

- Recognitions -

The Kakuma project was featured in the
2020 World Economic Forum - Schools of the Future report
being listed as one of the 16 school globally
defining the future of education.

The Kakuma project was a finalist of the
2018 UNESCO prize for innovation in education